Filesystem Cache Optimization Strategies

There is an excellent blog entry by Brad Diggs where we can read about Solaris filesystem caches used by UFS and ZFS. It is divided into a few parts:

Why Use Filesystem Cache
Solaris Filesystem Caches: segmap cache
Solaris Filesystem Caches: Vnode Page Mapping cache
Solaris Filesystem Caches: ZFS Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC)
Solaris Filesystem Caches: Memory Contention
How Filesystem Cache Can Improve Performance
Establish A Safe Ceiling
UFS Default Caching
ZFS Default Caching
Optimized ZFS Filesystem Caching
Tuning ZFS Cache
Unlock The Governors
Avoid Diluting The Filesystem Cache
Match Data Access Patterns
Consider Disabling vdev Caching
Minimize Application Data Pagesize
Match Average I/O Block Sizes
Consider The Pros and Cons of Cache Flushes
Prime The Filesystem Cache

Really worth reading !

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